For the love of Chihuahuas!
Hi, my name is Toni Kincaid.  I have been a animal lover all my life!  I cannot even imagine living without my dogs.  Ever since I was a little girl dogs have been the focus of my life.  I started training and showing my Collie and Shih-Tzu in obedience and jr. handling in 1982.   Dog showing has always been a true joy. 

In 1996, I got my first Chihuahua long coat named Mia.
I rescued Mia from the vet clinic I was working for at the time.  Mia was the reason I fell in love with the breed!  Because Mia was six years old when I got her, and she was spayed, I never showed or bred her.  She was my wonderful lap companion.   Mia passed away of congestive heart failure in September of 1999.  It was very unexpected since she was mid-life and it was very devastating!  I decided then that I wanted to find another Chihuahua to be my companion.  I also decided I wanted to find a Chihuahua I could show and breed.    I looked for quite some time and then I found Spirit on the Internet.  I went to the Richland dog show to look around more and to meet Spirit's breeder, Terry Crofton.  I fell absolutely in love with Spirit's colors-a very unique color I call a wolf sable.  He is colored like a wolf.  In September of 2000 I brought Spirit into my family.  Thank you, Terry Crofton, for letting us have such a very special boy in our family!

After a lot of searching and a few bumps in the road I got an absolutely beautiful female Chihuahua long coat from Melissa Vannoy, named Vannoy's Pansy. Thank you Melissa Vannoy for letting us have such a very special little girl in our family.   

My goal for breeding Chihuahuas as I mentioned before is for the love of the breed and to breed for the betterment of the breed.  Breeding and showing Chihuahuas is fun for my dogs, and I.  If I ever felt that this was not in our dogs' best interest I would stop.  For the love of the Chihuahuas means making sure that everything you do is in the best interest of the breed and our beloved dogs
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